Self-Adhesive OPP film "FSA®"

FSA is the only self-adhesive OPP film in its industry made by using OPP manufacturing method, providing various properties which other materials are unable to offer.

FSA feature ① Heat resistance

FSA is made from PP with high heat resistance properties. Through biaxially oriented process, it has acquired heat resistance of 160℃ and it does its stuff in the processes such as annealing,printing,pressing,etc. to which heat is applied.

FSA surface status after 30-minute heating.

FSA adhesive strength rise data

The heat resistance is high. So, adhesive strength rise caused by temperature can be suppressed low.

Introducing effective use of FSA heat resistance

FSA feature ② Stiffness, easy-to-cut

Since it is an OPP film, FSA is firm, resilient, and hard to be elongated. "Filamentous resin residues" , a phenomenon specific to resin is hard to occur and easy-to-cut property is provided in punching processes using Thomson blade.

FSA feature ③ Low contamination

Being given self-adhesiveness by elastomer, FSA has no glue residues caused by an adhesive that would happen in adhesive coated films.

FSA feature ④ Applicable to products in broad with

FSA is manufactured 5,000 mm in width in mother roll and available for products up to 2,400 mm wide.
(* Excluding certain products)

FSA feature ⑤ Wide variety of adhesive strengths

The adhesive strength of FSA is available from 0.1N (low adhesion) to 3.0N (strong adhesion) and it is used as protective film for a wide variety of materials such as hard coat film, resin boards, and metal plates, prisms and diffusion boards, etc.

Product lineup

Surface Grade Thickness
Adhesive strength
(against acryl)
Maximum width
Matt 010M 30 0.1N/25mm 2,400
020M 0.2N/25mm
050M 0.5.0N/25 mm
100M 1.0N/25 mm
150M 1.5.0N/25 mm
300M 3.0.0N/25 mm 1,500
Clear 010C 30 0.1N/25mm 2,400
Colored (blue) 010B 30 0.1N/25mm 2,400
020B 0.2N/25mm