Powdered Activated Carbon

We offer a wide variety of powdered activated carbons to meet the various needs of the combinations of decolorization, purity, and filterability.

Type Product Characteristics Application
S S standard Decolorization/refining of sugar, starch, monosodium glutamate(MSG), and amino acid
Decolorization/purification of industrial chemicals
Decolorization/purification of medicine, sake or wine
DP High fiterability
SA1000 High decolorization
K K Standard
KA High decolorization and high purity
M High-purity selective adsorption Purification of medicine
Aroma adjustment of sake or wine, etc.
P P Standard Decolorization/purification of industrial chemicals
Purification of waste water
Kairo(heat pad)
IP Treatment for waste water
GLP Removal of dioxin Removal of dioxin
W W Treatment for tap water Purification/deodorization of tap water

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