Compliance Charter

Established: October 1, 2006

We shall conduct ourselves in accordance with our Company philosophy and policy and shall endeavor to make lasting developments by abiding by the laws and regulations applicable to our business activities.

  1. Observing Laws and Regulations
    We shall abide by the laws and regulations both at home and abroad as well as our company's rules and shall act as one of members of sound society.
  2. Supplying Safe Products
    We are committed to stable supply of our products with safe quality in which our clients have trust.
  3. Fair Competition
    We shall endeavor to engage in free and fair competition and conduct ourselves with integrity in business activities both at home and abroad.
  4. Moderate Behavior
    We shall strictly discriminate between public and private affairs in conducting one's business whether within or without the company and always keep moderate relationships with each other.
  5. Offering Corporate Information
    We shall endeavor to properly disclose corporate information to widely establish smooth communication with society.
  6. Exchanges With Communities
    As a member of communities, we shall deepen exchanges with communities and endeavor to contribute to society through participation in local activities.
  7. Addressing Environmental Problems
    We shall proactively address the issues of safety and the preservation of local environments of our own volition.
  8. Respect for Human Rights
    We are committed to respecting human rights and shall make the workplace healthy, cheerful and comfortable.
  9. Management at Overseas Sites
    We are committed to abiding by international rules as well as the laws, the regulations and customs in each individual region in the world.
  10. Proper Management of Information
    We recognize the values of intellectual property and personal information to manage them properly.

President Yasuo Nagae
Futamura Chemical Co.,Ltd.