Information Related to Waste Disposal and Public Cleansing Act

  Public announcement of maintenance management information about the waste disposal facility.

Effective as of April 1, 2011, the revision of Waste Management and Public Cleansing Law has required businesses that have permissions for installing waste disposal facilities to make the information regarding maintenance management of the relevant facility public.

This is intended to assure transparency of information about waste disposal facilities.

Records on Maintenance Management of the Thermal Recycling Center at Ogaki Plant, Futamura Chemical Co., Ltd.
Monthly maintenance management records about the waste disposal facility (Thermal Recycling Center) at Ogaki Plant are posted.

* Please refer to the continuous measurement records kept by Ogaki plant.

Industrial waste incineration facility in Ogaki Plant Actual results in September 2021

Facility maintenance management records about industrial waste disposal [Thermal Recycling Center]

 1. Types and quantity of industrial waste incinerated [Article12-7-2, Heading 1-1(a)] .

Types Quantity in factory (unit)
Waste: Polluted mud 227 (t/month)
Waste: Waste paper (cellulose) 147 (t/month)
Waste: Plastic waste 24 (t/month)
Waste: Other 3 (t/month)
Sold fuel (RPF) 710 (t/month)
Total 1,110 (t/month)

  2. Combustion gas and exhaust gas analysis status (continuous measurement record) [Article 12-7-2, Heading 1-1 (b)].

  Combustion gas temperature Exhaust gas treatment facility (bag filter) Inflow gas temperature Concentration of carbon monoxide in exhaust gas
Measurement location Exit at the furnace Exit at the gas cooling tower Chimney inlet
Measurement location Continuous measurement Continuous measurement Continuous measurement

* Continuous measurement is implemented for the combustion gas temperature, and dust collector inflow gas temperature.
For more detailed information, contact Safe Environment Group at Ogaki plant.

  3. Soot and dust removal status [Article 12-7-2, Heading 1-1 (c) ]

  Exhaust gas treatment facility (bag filter)
Date of soot and dust removal Continuous removal

* The removal of soot and dust is implemented continuously.

  4. Exhaust gas analysis results [Article 12-7-2, Heading 1-1 (d) ]

  Soot and smoke Dioxins
Collection position Chimney outlet Chimney outlet
Date of collection September 10,2021 August 27,2020
Date of measurement result acceptance September 17,2021 October 9,2020
Measurement frequency At least once in every six months At least once a year
Concentration (Standard conversion concentration: oxygen 12% conversion) Soot and dust 0.003 g/m3N -
Sulphur oxide 22 ppm -
Hydrogen chloride 11 mg/m3N -
Nitric oxide 44 ppm -
Dioxins - 0.00017 ng-TEQ/m3N

* Exhaust gas is analyzed by a measurement certification office of an outside contractor.