Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is a special carbon with a surface area of 1,000 to 2,000 m2 per 1 g.

This means that half a teaspoon of activated carbon has an area of approximately four tennis courts. Activated carbon takes on different shapes, such as powder, granulated, and fibrous forms, etc. Activated carbon uses its large surface area to absorb dirt in air and water. Activated carbon serves as an important role in protecting the natural environment and improving our living environment.

Activated Carbon

Main application

Used widely for decoloration and deodorization, such as decoloration and purification in food and pharmaceutical fields, and water treatment for water purification plants.



Activated carbon, made mainly from sawdust, coconut shells, and coal as raw materials, is ground and adjusted to fine sizes for use. Being a fine activated carbon, it has excellent connective properties.


Activated carbon, made mainly from coconut shells and coal as raw materials, is ground and adjusted to appropriate sizes for use. Compared with powdered activated carbon, granulated activated carbon is adjusted to larger sizes. It is a material with a wide range of uses that can be used in liquid-phase and vapor-phase fields.

Functional products

Taiko®MOF®-C Series

Shaping filters for water purifiers that produce clean drinking water with highly processed activated carbon.

Taiko®MOF®-M Series

Shaping filters for industries that use powdered activated carbon, granulated activated carbon, and fibrous form activated carbon as raw materials.


A low pressure loss type filter that has activated carbon paper processed into its corrugated structure.


A sheet that has bulky nonwoven fabrics impregnated in powdered activated carbon.


A low pressure loss type filter that has a powdered or granulated carbon adhesively processed into its urethane foam.


A sheet that has fibrous form activated carbon, processed into felt or cloth materials.

Taiko®YJF®, DMF®

A filter that has granulated activated carbon processed through frame fillings or dry pressing.

Water repellent absorption sheet

A functional powder type sheet that has air permeability and water repellency.

Gas separation equipment

Equipment for gas separation and equipment for purification and concentration can be proposed, using porous materials such as activated carbon and zeolite.