Agricultural Materials

Agricultural Materials

Agricultural materials contribute to agriculture that supports "Food" as production materials.

Achieves quality improvement in agricultural products and energy reduction effects, with integrated sheets that use the characteristics of film and nonwoven fabrics' materials.

Agricultural Materials

A photosynthesis-promoting and reflective multi-sheet, "Pearl Light®"

Helps improve the quality of fruit trees, such as for color and sugar content. A functional multi-layered sheet that is layered with fabric cloth and does not tear easily. The glossy and white reflective layer is stain resistant. Draining porous type for deciduous fruit trees and straining nonporous type for citrus.

A heat retaining sheet that is attached inside houses, "Dream sheet”

A covering material for houses, which uses environmentally friendly natural materials. A material with very high heat retention properties and ultra hygroscopic heat insulation. A strong multilayered sheet with fabric cloth on the surface layer that does not tear easily.

Hat for fruit protection, "Fruit hat®"

A strong hat that protects fruit from recent abnormal weather. Staple it to a desired location, and use it repeatedly over several years. Starting with grapes, oranges, plums, and kiwis, there are various uses, and it comes in four sizes.