Plastic Films

Plastic Films

Our plastic films are playing an active part mainly as packaging films, and are established as "distribution materials" indispensable to the present distribution system.

Food packaging greatly contributes to the daily lives of people by keeping foods clean and fresh during the distribution from manufacturers' sites to consumers as well as minimizing distribution losses.
Furthermore, films are widely applied to various industrial materials, thereby supporting the foundation of the daily lives of people.
We believe it is the stable supply of products with safe quality in which our clients trust that makes it possible for Futamura Chemical to contribute to society.
(Please refer to notes on the bottom of this page prior to usage.)

Plastic Films

Main application

Used for individual packing and wrapping food-related items such as bags for rice and bread, perishable foods, snacks, frozen food, and everyday use items.


Biaxially oriented polypropylene film (OPP)

PP film has the lowest specific density among plastic films. It is superior in transparency, machinability, chemical-resistance, etc. and is used the most amongst flexible packaging films.
We have the largest share in the domestic OPP film market with a sufficient production capacity and are committed to the stable supply of our products with consistent quality to our clients.
Our product design skills that meet the various needs of customers makes it possible for our products to be applied to broader applications from standard food packages, to packages with high functions and designs, and also to industrial packages.

Cast polypropylene film (CPP)

Futamura Chemical has the largest production capacity of CPP in Japan and has been offering outstanding quality. One fine example of its application is a sealant in film structures because of its superb consistent quality.
Our earlier diversification into industrial applications has been successful, and we are now able to provide stable supply in a wide variety of fields including food packaging.


MOPP/MOPE is manufactured by Mono-axially orienting high density polyethylene film or polypropylene film in machine direction.
It has a strong stiffness in machine direction and excellent twistability. With directional characteristics, it is easy to cut in the machine direction and has excellent straight cuttability.

Linear low-density polyethylene film (LL)

Linear low density polyethylene film is manufactured using metallocene catalyst technology and made mainly from high-performance linear low density polyethylene.
It has excellent properties such as sealing strength, cold resistance, shock resistance, hot tack strength, and is mainly used as a sealant for multi-layered films.
Packages for frozen foods, liquid goods, heavy-duty bags for rice, etc. are its main applications.

Polyester film (PET)

Futamura Chemical's polyester film, which is manufactured by using its original biaxial-orientation technology, has well balanced properties including heat resistance, a gas barrier, moisture-proofing, strength, transparency, etc. which are not possessed by other films.
It is widely used for various applications from a base material for lamination for food packaging to industrial packaging. Insulation application for industrial use is also an example of its service due to excellent dimensional stability and processing suitability.

Precautions for usage

When using our plastic films, please refer to MSDS of the relevant product.

The contents of the catalogues are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements or for other reasons. There is no guarantee or warranty provided for results or suitability obtained using the information described herein. The client should perform their own tests to determine the safety and suitability for a particular purpose by themselves.
Do not use the product for the following applications (including the use as components, parts, ingredients, or the like) and for any related packaging.

  1. Transplantation to a human body
  2. Medicines in contact with blood
  3. Medicines in contact with membrane
  4. Liquefied oral medicines

(In the case of ③, solid oral medicines are excluded.)

When the client uses the product for the packaging of medicines other than the above, the client should determine the final use of the product by them self after submitting a questionnaire designated by Futamura Chemical for medical applications. Keep the product away from high temperatures, high humidity and direct sunlight, and store it in a well-ventilated room so that it does not get wet. The quality guarantee period of the product is for six months from the date of delivery.
(Please contact our sales representative or visit Futamura Chemical's website for information on the questionnaire form)